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Max Traditional Leather Lounge

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Homes with modern designs or classy themes will find the Max Recliner Chairs to be the best choice. Made with real leather and high quality fabric, Max provides not only an elegant design but an overall relaxing feel. With the scoop chaise pad design and accompanying plush arm pillows, the Max leather recliner chairs is sure to offer utmost comfort. Max has a relatively contemporary design, but it is created to match any type of home.

The Max Recliners are created with a stitched, divided back and offers a nice, smooth surface. These features make Max a beautiful addition to all living room environments. Although it is not very noticeable, Max Recliner Chairs actually use a two-tone effect. This is to give the chairs a more sophisticated and vibrant color. Even better, these chairs are available in various colors and two types of stunning fabric. This will give you freedom when it comes to personalizing your recliner chairs.

The Max lounges line is highly popular for its recliner chairs. However, it is worthy to note that Max is also available in three and two-seaters. Hence, regardless if you want a personal lounge or one you can share with guests, you can rest assured that there are Max lounges to answer your needs.

The Max Recliner Chairs, with their clean, polished looks, can add shine and warmth to any room and peaceful relaxation to anyone who uses them. Lounges Direct offers only top quality lounge chairs, so any purchase you make is guaranteed to provide you with satisfaction.

If for any reason you feel that the Max lazy boy recliner chairs do not fit your room’s theme, you can browse through Lounges Direct’s other product lines. The company offers not only contemporary but also traditional leather chairs and swivel recliner chairs.

If you are looking for an item that that corresponds to your set budget, you can also check out the recliner chairs for sale. Like all other products offered by Lounges Direct, these chairs for sale are made with high-quality leather and fabric. They do not have any defect like you would see in other companies’ sale items. They are simply put on sale to offer you more options not only in terms of designs but also prices.

If you are not a fan of recliner chairs, we recommend the regular lounges that we have as well as the lounge accessories. The lounge accessories are mainly composed of ottomans with compartments, giving you a nice chair and a storage space at the same time.

Lounges Direct offers nothing but great designs and materials for all types of lounges, especially recliner chairs. Australia has seen nothing better than the products that Lounges Direct provides.

Width (cm)Depth (cm)Height (cm)Price (cm)
Recliner (R)8989104$899
3 Seater18289104$1799
3 Seater + R + R$2999
3 (2 Recliners) + R + R$3199
2 Seater + R + R$2799
3 Seater$1799
2 Seater$1599
3S (2 R)$1999
2S (2 R)$1699
2S (R) + C + 2 S(R) (Corner)$3199
Corner Extra Seat $600

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