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Edison Leather Couch

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Leather couches can easily add beauty and a warm aura to any room. Although they might appear more expensive, they are generally more sophisticated and durable. Leather couches last for decades with proper care, making them very cost-effective. Although leather couches are generally beautiful, however, you must still consider the design you will get. If you are not sure which to get, one we recommend is the Edison Leather Couch.
Edison is something we can call “classic” when compared to its contemporary leather couches. Brisbane is a place where you can find lounges and couches of varying sizes and shapes. However, today, most designs you will see are modern. This is not a bad thing. However, a classic leather couch such as Edison is more flexible in that it will fit in easily regardless if you use it in a simple or modern home.

Width (cm)Depth (cm)Height (cm)Price
3 Seater + 2 Seater9586$2398
3 Seater9586$1299
2 Seater9586$899
1 Seater9586$799



The Edison Leather Couch has a sturdy frame, allowing it to provide perfect support and utmost comfort. It has a nice scoop chaise, and the arm and back pillows guarantee that you feel very relaxed while sitting on it. It can feel very comfortable, in fact, that you will easily become serene once you sat on it.

The couch is available in various colors. It is also available in cow, semi-aniline, and wash-off colors. This gives you more choices and freedom to customize the couch to your preferences or specific needs. Here are some color ideas to get you started:

White Leather Couch- this is the perfect choice if you are aiming for simplicity and cleanliness. If you are not sure which color will match your room, this is also the safest choice.

Black Leather Couch- like white, black leather matches almost all types of living room environment. If you are aiming for a bright and really environment, though, this might not be a good choice.

Brown Leather Couch- if you are looking for a neutral or warm color, brown is the best choice. It matches a lot of colors and well, and it exudes a gentle and inviting atmosphere.

If you are on a tight budget, buying leather couches on their regular prices might seem too much. If you are currently under such circumstances, it will be most beneficial for you to check out Lounges Direct’s leather couches for sale. These discounted lounge chairs are made of real and high-quality leather and have features similar to those with standard price. They are generally offered at a lower price for limited time; browsing the sale page will give you an idea of when you can get your desired lounge design at a discounted price.

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