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Dena Traditional Leather Lounge

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Bringing warmth and comfort in your home requires not just the careful selection of colors but
also a thorough selection of furniture. One type of furniture you must always consider is lounge
chairs. Recliner lounge chairs like Dena are made to provide utmost comfort. Contrary to regular
sofa sets, lounge chairs are created with more cushions. Dena is a great example of this type of

Dena Recliner Chairs are made from real high-quality leather. It has a polished and clean look
that will match both traditional and contemporary homes. If you are not keen of getting leather
or even looking at a leather furniture shop, you may opt to get your lounge chair in Warwick or
Mokum fabric, both of which belongs to the highest quality fabrics in Australia.

The stitched back of Dena Recliners offer full support and are created in a nice, wavy pattern.
They have scoop chaise pads and light arm pillows. All these features help create a very relaxing
lounge chair.

The Dena Chair line is popular for its individual recliners. However, Lounges Direct also offers
it in three and two-seaters. With these options, you can enjoy the comfort the Dena recliners
offer with those who you hold dear.

You can look for the Dena Recliners in any lounge furniture shop, thanks to its growing
popularity. Although the Dena Recliners are more popular in light shades, it is offered in
different hues. This allows you to customize your recliner chairs and make sure that they fit your
living room or any other room you want to place them in.

The Dena Chairs are mainly made to match contemporary homes. If you feel that it does not suit
your tastes or if it simply looks or feels out of place, please feel free to browse the other products
that Lounges Direct offers.

From Lounges Direct, you can get traditional lounge chairs, recliners, and home theatre lounges.
The home theatre lounges are made to look and feel like top-class theatre seats. With these types
of lounges, watching simple shows at home will always feel better and more romantic. Lounges
Direct get supplies directly from manufacturers as well as its local furniture shop. For this
reason, you can guarantee that the products you get will always be brand new and the prices are
made as affordable as possible.

If you are currently on a strict budget, we recommend the lounge chairs on sale. These lounges
are made with the same high-quality leather and fabric. They are offered with discount price only
for a limited, so do not hesitate and check them out today. Lounges Direct is a furniture shop
that takes pride in the high quality and very competitive prices it offers, so it is certainly a shop
worthy of you checking out.

Width (cm)Depth (cm)Height (cm)Price
3 Seater183.589104$1799
Recliner (R)90.589104$899
3 Seater + R + R$2999
2 Seater + R + R$2799
2 Seater$1599
3 (2 R)$1999
2 (2 R)$1699
2 R + C + 2 R (Corner)$3199
Corner Extra Seat$600

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